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Wedding table piece.

Lasered on pecan wood


Wedding signs created with laser


Texas Laser & Crafts

I have done wood and craft stuff for many years as gifts for family.  Now I have decided to turn some of that time into a business for others.  If you think I can help you, send me an email.  I think that I would like to lean toward wedding decorations, favors, glasses, engraved knives and signage.  As I learn the ins and outs of lasering more, I'll do more, like photographs on marble, glass and wood.  I have already lasered on wood, glass, acrylic, vinyl, cardboard, paper, rocks, marble, blue jeans, leather, metal marking and plastic.  I also have a pretty good stack of reclaimed lumber that I like to build with.  I also do scroll saw work and crosses  of all kinds.  Check back often as I add new and more stuff.  Willy Ivy

  Texans Cooler

     built with reclaimed lumber

  Scroll saw, 3D, inlay crosses

with reclaimed lumber frames.